For more than 40 years 现金娱乐平台网 has been inventing, developing and manufacturing the widest, most technically advanced range of PTFE lined flexible hose products in the world.

Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Chemical companies have standardised on 现金娱乐平台网’s patented products as the best designed and most reliable choice for process fluid transfer in their manufacturing plants worldwide and more than 10 million cars, ATVs, trucks and motorbikes on the roads today include one or more Aflex PTFE hoses.

现金娱乐平台网From raw materials to finished hose assemblies, our hoses and end fittings are manufactured at our factories in the UK and the USA.

This total control of manufacturing and design gives us an unrivalled ability to meet our customers’ specific needs, whatever the industry or application requirements.

现金娱乐平台网 are proud to be a part of the


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